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Filipina Soars in Stunning Costume at Miss Universe 2023

The 72nd Miss Universe pageant, held in [Location of Miss Universe 2023], was a night of glittering gowns, captivating performances, and of course, stunning national costumes. While the ultimate crown went to [Name of Miss Universe 2023], the “Best National Costume” award garnered much excitement and anticipation.

Fan Favorite: The Philippines Takes the Crown

This year, the winner of the Best National Costume award wasn’t chosen by judges, but by the fans themselves. Through an online voting system on the Miss Universe app, fans across the globe cast their votes for their favorite national costume.

And the winner, with a landslide victory, was Miss Philippines, Michelle Dee. Dee’s costume, a spectacular creation titled “Darna,” captivated audiences.

What Made the “Darna” Costume Stand Out?

Dee’s “Darna” costume was a visual representation of the iconic Filipina superhero of the same name. The costume featured a bold, red bodysuit adorned with a golden eagle chestplate, symbolizing strength and bravery. A flowing blue cape added a touch of drama, while the intricate beadwork paid homage to traditional Filipino craftsmanship.

Beyond the Look: The Power of Storytelling

But the “Darna” costume wasn’t just visually stunning; it also carried a powerful message. Darna, a symbol of female empowerment in the Philippines, resonated deeply with fans. Dee’s costume choice celebrated Filipino culture and the strength of women.

best costume miss universe 2023

Other Show-Stopping Costumes

While Miss Philippines stole the show, the competition for Best National Costume was fierce. Here are some other noteworthy entries:

  • Colombia: Daniela Toloza’s vibrant costume, inspired by the country’s rich biodiversity, featured an explosion of colors and feathers, representing the Amazon rainforest.
  • Thailand: Anchilee Scott-Kemmis’ costume paid homage to the Thai national flower, the “Dok Bua Kot,” with a cascading white ensemble adorned with lotus blossoms.
  • Brazil: Mia Mamede’s costume was a tribute to the indigenous cultures of Brazil, featuring intricate beadwork and feathers reminiscent of traditional attire.
  • South Africa: Lalela Mswane’s costume celebrated the country’s diverse flora and fauna, with a flowing green dress adorned with realistic-looking animals native to South Africa.

More Than Just a Competition: A Celebration of Culture

The Miss Universe National Costume segment is more than just a competition; it’s a platform for countries to showcase their unique cultural identities. Each costume tells a story, reflecting the traditions, history, and national pride of the contestant’s home country.

A Lasting Impact

Michelle Dee’s win, a testament to the power of online voting and cultural connection, will be remembered as a highlight of the 2023 Miss Universe pageant. The “Darna” costume serves as a reminder of the importance of celebrating female empowerment and the beauty of diverse cultural expression.

Reaction from the contestants and audience

Possible Contestant Reactions:

  • Michelle Dee (Philippines): Elated and proud, likely soaking in the cheers and maybe even shedding a happy tear.
  • Other Contestants: A mix of emotions! Some might be genuinely happy for Michelle, some might be surprised by the winner, and others might silently strategize for the next competition round.

Possible Audience Reactions:

  • Filipino fans: Erupting in cheers and waving Philippine flags, filled with national pride.
  • Fans of other contestants: Applauding Michelle and maybe a little disappointed if their favorite costume wasn’t chosen.
  • General audience: Clapping and enjoying the culmination of the National Costume segment.

You can also find insights into audience reactions by looking at:

  • Social media: Search for hashtags like #MissUniverse, #MissUniverse2023, and #BestNationalCostume. You might find tweets or posts expressing people’s opinions on the winner.
  • YouTube videos: Look for videos titled something like “Miss Universe 2023 National Costume Show Reaction” ([YouTube]). These might capture the audience’s energy during the announcement.

best costume miss universe 2023

Comparison of the standout designs

The Miss Universe National Costume segment is a feast for the eyes, with each entry boasting unique design elements and cultural references. Let’s delve deeper into some of the most captivating creations:

  • The Philippines (“Darna”): A bold statement piece, Dee’s “Darna” costume stood out with its striking red, gold, and blue color scheme. The intricate beadwork added a touch of elegance, while the flowing cape provided a touch of drama. Compared to other entries, the superhero theme offered a fresh perspective, celebrating a cultural icon and empowering message.

  • Colombia (“Amazonian Biodiversity”): A vibrant explosion of color and texture, Toloza’s costume was a stunning representation of Colombia’s breathtaking natural beauty. The use of feathers evoked the lushness of the Amazon rainforest, setting it apart from costumes that relied on more traditional materials.

  • Thailand (“Dok Bua Kot”): Scott-Kemmis’ costume offered a more delicate and ethereal aesthetic. The cascading white ensemble adorned with lotus blossoms embodied the purity and elegance of the Thai national flower. This contrasted with costumes that utilized bolder colors and more dramatic silhouettes.

  • Brazil (“Indigenous Tribute”): Mamede’s costume offered a glimpse into the rich heritage of Brazil’s indigenous cultures. The intricate beadwork and use of feathers showcased traditional craftsmanship, distinguishing it from entries that focused on more modern design elements.

  • South Africa (“Diverse Flora and Fauna”): Mswane’s costume celebrated the incredible biodiversity of South Africa. The flowing green dress adorned with realistic-looking animals provided a unique and visually captivating representation of the country’s natural wonders. This approach stood out from costumes that focused on human figures or symbolic elements.

Recognition of the winner’s efforts in promoting national culture

Michelle Dee’s victory wasn’t just a win for her personally. It was a recognition of her dedication to promoting Filipino culture on a global stage. By choosing the “Darna” costume, Dee not only embraced a beloved national icon. But also ignited conversations about female empowerment and the rich artistic heritage of the Philippines.

This resonated deeply with fans, not just Filipinos. But people worldwide who admire the message of strength and cultural pride embodied by both Darna and Dee herself. The overwhelming online support cemented Dee’s role as a cultural ambassador and solidified the “Darna” costume’s place as a powerful symbol of Filipino identity.

The Future of National Costumes

The Miss Universe National Costume segment continues to evolve, with designers pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling. As the pageant continues. We can expect to see even more innovative and captivating costumes that celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures around the world.


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