how to train your dragon costume

DIY How to Train Your Dragon Costume Guide

How to Train Your Dragon isn’t just a movie title, it’s a motto for creative costumers! With a little imagination and some simple materials, you can transform yourself into a fearsome Night Fury or a valiant Viking dragon rider. So, unleash your inner Hiccup or Astrid and get ready to craft a costume that will soar above the rest.

Choosing Your Dragon: Toothless or Beyond

The most popular choice is undoubtedly Toothless, Hiccup’s loyal Night Fury. But the dragon world of Berk is vast! Consider these options:

  • Toothless: Classic black with sleek wings and glowing blue accents.
  • Light Fury: Similar to Toothless but with a white body and iridescent wings.
  • Deadly Nadder: Razor-sharp spines and vibrant colors like purple or orange.
  • Monstrous Nightmare: Fiery red with spiked clubs for tails.
  • Viking Dragon Rider: Outfit yourself like Hiccup or Astrid, complete with Viking garb and dragon accessories.

Building Your Base: Jumpsuits, Shirts, and Skirts

For most dragon costumes, a jumpsuit or bodysuit will be the foundation. Black is perfect for Night Furies and Deadly Nadders, while greens and browns work well for Monstrous Nightmares. Look for comfortable, stretchy fabrics that allow for movement.

Can’t find a jumpsuit in the right color? Craft your own using leggings and a long-sleeved shirt sewn together. If you’re aiming for a Viking look, brown tunics or skirts paired with leggings will do the trick.

Taking Flight: Crafting Wings Worthy of Berk

The wings are what make a dragon costume truly remarkable. Here are a few ways to bring them to life:

  • Fabric Wings: Cut out large wing shapes from fabric. Felt is a popular choice for its sturdiness and ease of use. Layer the fabric to create dimension, and attach them to straps that go over your shoulders like a backpack.
  • Wire Wings: Craft a lightweight frame using bendable wire. Cover the frame with fabric or sheer material, and add details like webbing with string or ribbon.
  • Pre-Made Wings: Many online retailers sell pre-made dragon wings in various sizes and styles. These can be a great time-saver, especially for elaborate costumes.

how to train your dragon costume

Spikes, Scales, and Other Dragonly Details

No dragon is complete without its signature features. Here’s how to add those finishing touches:

  • Spikes: Use felt or craft foam to cut out pointed shapes and hot glue them onto your costume. For a more realistic look, paint the spikes with a glossy finish.
  • Scales: Craft individual scales from felt or cut out shimmering fabric shapes and sew them onto the base of your costume.
  • Tail: Create a long, tapering tail using fabric or pool noodles. Stuff it with lightweight materials like pillow stuffing and attach it to your jumpsuit or pants.

Fire Up Your Look: Glowing Accents and Bioluminescence

Night Furies and Light Furies are known for their bioluminescent markings. To emulate this effect, consider incorporating glow sticks or battery-powered LED lights into your costume.

Position the lights strategically along the wings, tail, and other prominent areas. You can even sew small pockets into your costume to hold the light sources.

Viking Flair: Helmets, Axes, and Accessories

For Viking dragon riders, the right accessories are key. Craft a simple helmet from cardboard or craft foam, and decorate it with horns and braids made from yarn or twine.

A toy axe or wooden shield completes the Viking look. Don’t forget details like brown arm wraps and chunky boots!

Bringing Your Dragon to Life: Makeup and Movement

The final step is adding your personal touch. For Night Furies and Light Furies, use black or white makeup to create dramatic eye markings. A touch of glitter or glow-in-the-dark paint can enhance the bioluminescent effect.

Practice your dragon movements! Perfect a fierce roar, a graceful wing flap, and a mischievous glint in your eye.

how to train your dragon costume

Offer ideas for creating a cohesive look

Now that you’ve mastered the base of your dragon costume, let’s elevate it to a truly cohesive look! Here’s how makeup, hairstyling, and a touch of performance can take your dragon costume from great to breathtaking.

Matching Your Makeup to Your Dragon

  • Night Fury & Light Fury: Channel their bioluminescent glow with cool-toned eyeshadow in blues and purples. Apply it around the eyes and temples, blending it outwards for a smoky effect. Add a touch of white or silver glitter for an extra dose of magic. Don’t forget dramatic eyeliner and white or blue contact lenses (if comfortable) to complete the piercing gaze.
  • Deadly Nadder & Monstrous Nightmare: Fierce dragons deserve fierce makeup! Opt for bold colors that complement your chosen dragon’s palette. Think fiery oranges and reds for Monstrous Nightmares, or deep purples and blacks for Deadly Nadders. Experiment with smoky eyes and defined brows to create a powerful look.
  • Viking Dragon Rider: Keep it practical yet rugged. Enhance your natural features with a touch of mascara and bronzer. You can even add some barely-there freckles with a brown eyebrow pencil for an earthy, Viking vibe.

Hairstyles that Take Flight

  • Night Fury & Light Fury: Channel Hiccup’s messy brown hair or Astrid’s fiery braids. If your hair is long enough, braid it into intricate Viking styles with colorful ribbons woven in. Alternatively, create a messy bun with loose strands framing your face for a more rugged look.
  • Deadly Nadder & Monstrous Nightmare: Go wild! Experiment with vibrant hair extensions or temporary hair color spray to match your dragon’s dominant hue. Spiky braids or teased hairstyles add to the fierce dragon aesthetic.
  • Viking Dragon Rider: Practicality reigns supreme. Consider a simple braid or ponytail for Viking dragon riders. You can also keep your hair loose and flowing, perhaps with a headband or hair wrap adorned with braids or beads for a touch of Viking flair.

Owning Your Dragon Look: Performance and Poses

Finally, remember that confidence is the ultimate accessory! When you wear your costume, embody your chosen dragon. Practice your dragon’s movements – a powerful wing flap, a menacing roar, or a playful nudge. Strike dramatic poses and perfect your facial expressions to truly bring your dragon to life.

By combining your DIY costume with cohesive makeup, hairstyling, and a touch of performance, you’ll transform yourself into a dragon that soars above the rest. So go forth, young dragon trainer, and own your look!

So You’ve Trained Your Dragon: Owning Your Costume

With your DIY dragon costume complete, it’s time to take flight! Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, a cosplay convention, or just having fun around the house, wear your creation with confidence.

Remember, the best costumes are the ones that show your creativity and passion. So unleash your inner dragon trainer and have fun!


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