diy cindy lou who costume

Whoville’s Wonder: A DIY Guide to Your Cindy Lou Who Costume

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the infectious cheer of Cindy Lou Who. This bright-eyed Whoville resident has stolen hearts (and perhaps the Grinch’s) with her unwavering Christmas spirit. If you’re looking to embody that spirit this holiday season, a DIY Cindy Lou Who costume is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer!

This guide will walk you through everything you need to create a charming and festive Cindy Lou Who costume, from finding the right clothes to crafting adorable accessories. Whether you’re a sewing whiz or a crafting novice, there are options to suit every skill level.

diy cindy lou who costume

Dress Up in Whoville Style

The foundation of your costume is, of course, the dress. The classic Cindy Lou Who look features a red and white gingham dress. You can easily find one at a thrift store or department store in the children’s section, especially around the holidays. However, if you can’t find the perfect gingham dress, don’t fret! A solid red dress with white detailing or a white dress with red accessories can work just as well.

Sew It Up (Optional):

Feeling crafty? Here’s how to create your own gingham dress: purchase red and white gingham fabric and use a simple A-line dress pattern (these can be found online for free). If you’re new to sewing, don’t be discouraged! A straight-up red or white dress with contrasting ribbon details sewn on can achieve a similar effect.

Accessorize Like a Who

Now comes the fun part: the accessories! These little details truly transform your outfit into a recognizable Cindy Lou Who costume.

  • Hair: Cindy Lou Who’s signature hairstyle is a playful mix of braids and curls. Here’s how to achieve it:

    • Divide damp hair into sections and braid them into pigtails or French braids.
    • Curl the remaining loose hair with a curling iron or wand for extra bounce.
    • Secure the braids with bright red or white ribbons to tie in with the dress.
    • For shorter hair, add clip-in curls or braids and focus on creating a voluminous style.
  • Headband: No Whoville resident is complete without a festive headband!

    • You can purchase a pre-made headband with red and white details or create your own using felt or fabric scraps.
    • Cut out two large circles (or the shape of a teacup!) from red felt and one slightly smaller circle from white felt.
    • Glue the white circle onto the red circles to create a layered effect.
    • Attach a pipe cleaner or headband to the back of your creation and embellish with red and white pom-poms or jingle bells.
  • Tights & Shoes:

    White tights or knee-high socks are a perfect match for the dress. For shoes, red Mary Jane shoes or even white boots with red trim would complete the look.

  • Cape (Optional):

    Add a touch of whimsy with a red cape. You can use a pre-made cape or create your own from red felt or fabric.

    • Cut a large semicircle of fabric and attach it to a ribbon that ties around the neck.
    • Decorate the cape with white snowflakes cut from felt or buttons.

diy cindy lou who costume

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches!

No Cindy Lou Who costume is complete without a touch of Christmas spirit. Add a string of battery-operated fairy lights to your headband or cape for a magical glow. Carry a small stuffed animal representing Max the dog, Cindy Lou Who’s loyal canine companion. Finally, don’t forget the biggest accessory of all: a big, bright smile!

Let Your Creativity Shine

This guide provides a foundation, but remember, the beauty of a DIY costume is the opportunity to personalize it! Here are some ideas to make your Cindy Lou Who costume unique:

  • Add personality to your dress. Embellish it with buttons, snowflakes cut from felt, or white lace trim.
  • Create a Whoville name tag. Use cardboard or felt to cut out a tag and write your own Whoville name in bold letters. Attach it to your dress with a safety pin.
  • Design your own Whoville decorations. Draw or paint Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, or candy canes on white felt and pin them to your dress or headband.

Accessories that Complete the Ensemble

The right accessories can truly make your Cindy Lou Who costume shine! Here are some ideas to complete your adorable Who-ville look:


  • Classic pigtails: This is the signature Cindy Lou Who hairstyle. Part your hair in two low pigtails and secure them with red ribbons or red elastics with white polka dots.
  • Headband with flair: Craft a headband using red felt or fabric. You can add details like a white pom-pom on top, a mini Santa hat attached to the band, or pipe cleaner candy canes on the sides.


  • DIY Santa hat: This is a fun way to add a personal touch. Use red felt or fleece to make a simple cone-shaped hat with a white trim. Add a white pom-pom on the tip and a red ribbon around the base.
  • Classic Santa hat: A regular Santa hat will do just fine too!

Other Accessories:

  • White knee-high socks: These are a staple for the classic Cindy Lou Who look.
  • Black Mary Jane shoes: Complete the look with a pair of comfy black Mary Janes.
  • Red ribbon belt: If your dress doesn’t have a red sash, tie a wide red ribbon around your waist to add a pop of color.
  • Lollipop prop: For an extra sweet touch, carry a fake lollipop or a red balloon as a prop.
  • Homemade Whoville badge: Cut a small circle out of red felt and write “Whoville” on it in white marker. Pin it to your dress or sash for a unique touch.

Extra DIY Fun:

  • Get creative with your makeup! Add a rosy tint to your cheeks and a touch of red glitter to your eyelids for a festive look.
  • For a little extra warmth, add a red cardigan or sweater over your dress.

The Most Important Accessory: Your Christmas Spirit

Most importantly, remember that the true essence of a Cindy Lou Who is her unwavering Christmas spirit. Embrace the joy of the season, spread holiday cheer wherever you go, and you’ll be the most delightful Whoville resident at any holiday gathering!


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