Reign Supreme this Halloween: DIY Lioness Costume Guide

Halloween is around the corner, and you want to project an image of royalty and strength. Look no further than the lioness, the powerful queen of the jungle. A lioness costume is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to embody these fierce and fascinating creatures.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to create a stunning lioness costume, from gathering materials to adding the finishing touches. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a crafting novice, this guide offers options that cater to all skill levels.

how to make a lioness costume

Deciding on Your Lioness Look

Before diving into crafting, consider the kind of lioness you want to portray. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Classic Lioness: This is the most recognizable lioness look, featuring a golden base with a brown mane and tail.
  • Desert Lioness: For a more unique look, opt for a sandy brown base that reflects the desert environment.
  • Futuristic Lioness: Take a creative leap and craft a costume with metallic fabrics or glowing elements.

Once you’ve chosen your lioness persona, you can move on to selecting materials.

Gathering Your Supplies

Here’s a list of materials you might need for your lioness costume, with variations depending on your chosen style:

Base Outfit:

  • Brown or gold colored bodysuit, leotard, or leggings and shirt combination
  • Tan or cream colored tights (optional)


  • Faux fur fabric in light brown, gold, or cream colors (depending on your chosen lioness)
  • Yellow or gold yarn (for a curly mane)
  • Brown or gold felt (for a simpler mane)
  • Elastic headband (for attaching the mane)
  • Hot glue gun or sewing supplies


  • Faux fur fabric in brown or gold
  • Pipe cleaner or dowel rod
  • Stuffing

Facial Features:

  • Brown or black face paint
  • Lioness nose and whiskers makeup kit (optional)
  • Brown or gold hair clip ears (optional)
  • Lioness mask (optional)

Optional Extras:

  • Brown gloves
  • Lioness claw nail tips

how to make a lioness costume

Crafting the Base Outfit

The base outfit should be comfortable and form-fitting. You can use a brown or gold colored bodysuit or leotard. If you prefer a more modest option, a brown or tan shirt and leggings combination will work just as well. For a touch of warmth, consider adding cream colored tights.

Let’s Mane-age the Mane

The mane is a key element of your lioness costume. Here are two ways to create it:

Faux Fur Mane:

  1. Cut strips of faux fur fabric in various lengths, with longer pieces framing the face.
  2. Attach the fur strips to a wide elastic headband using hot glue or by sewing them on.
  3. Layer the fur strips to create a voluminous mane. You can trim the fur to achieve your desired shape.

Felt Mane:

  1. Cut out two large lioness mane shapes from brown or gold felt.
  2. Cut out smaller, lighter colored felt shapes to layer underneath for a more dimensional look (optional).
  3. Attach the felt mane pieces to a wide elastic headband using hot glue or sewing them on.

Tail Time!

Now it’s time to craft a swishing tail!

  1. Cut two long, triangular pieces of faux fur fabric.
  2. Sew the two pieces together, leaving the top open for stuffing.
  3. Insert a pipe cleaner or dowel rod into the tail for stability.
  4. Stuff the tail with stuffing and sew the opening closed.
  5. Attach the tail to the back of your base outfit using hot glue or by sewing it on.

Fierce Finishing Touches

Face: Apply face paint to create a lioness-like nose and whiskers. You can also use a store-bought lioness makeup kit for a more detailed look.

Ears: Attach brown or gold hair clip ears to your hair. Alternatively, you can wear a lioness mask for a more complete headpiece.

Other Details: Brown gloves and lion claw nail tips add another layer of detail to your costume.

Simpler Lioness Costume Options

While the previous methods create a stunning lioness costume, there are simpler options for those who are short on time or crafting experience.

No-Sew Mane:

  • Purchase a pre-made lion’s mane headband. These are readily available at costume stores or online retailers.
  • For a more customized look, you can add felt details or yarn braids to the pre-made mane.

how to make a lioness costume

Face Paint Magic:

  • Skip the elaborate mane altogether and focus on creating a fierce lioness face with face paint.
  • Use brown or black paint for the nose and whiskers. You can also add details like stripes around the eyes or a hint of gold shimmer on the cheeks.

Clothing Conversion:

  • If you have a brown or gold colored sweatshirt or hoodie, it can be easily transformed into a lioness costume.
  • Cut triangular ears out of felt and attach them to the hood with fabric glue.
  • For a tail, use brown or gold felt to create a simple tail shape and stuff it with cotton balls. Safety pin the felt tail to the back of your sweatshirt.

Accessorize It Up:

No matter which simplified approach you take, elevate your costume with accessories. Brown fingerless gloves and lion claw nail tips add a touch of wildness. You can even carry a toy lion cub or wear a pair of animal print leggings.

Advise on the use of accessories such as gloves or whiskers

Gloves and whiskers can be the perfect finishing touches to elevate your lioness costume from good to great. Here’s how to use them effectively:


  • Brown fingerless gloves: These add a touch of wildness and practicality. They keep your hands warm on a chilly Halloween night and allow for better dexterity if you plan on carrying treats or participating in activities.
  • Lion claw nail tips: These instantly add a fierce element to your costume. They come in various styles and can be easily applied to your own nails using adhesive tabs.


  • Face paint: The simplest way to create whiskers is by using brown or black face paint. Draw short lines on either side of your nose, angled slightly outwards.
  • Makeup kit: Many Halloween makeup kits for lionesses come with pre-made whisker decals. These are easy to apply and create a more detailed look.
  • Fake whiskers: You can find pre-made fake whiskers made of felt or plastic at costume stores. Apply them using spirit gum or eyelash glue, following the instructions carefully.

Additional Tips:

  • Comfort is key: Choose gloves that fit well and allow for easy movement.
  • Match your style: Opt for gloves and whiskers that complement the overall look of your lioness costume. For a classic lioness, brown is the way to go. If you’re rocking a more creative costume, consider colored gloves or glitter whiskers.
  • Safety first: If using fake whiskers with adhesive, ensure they are hypoallergenic and suitable for your skin type. Test a small area on your arm before applying them to your face.

By incorporating gloves and whiskers thoughtfully, you can create a truly captivating lioness costume that will have everyone roaring with approval!


Embrace Your Inner Lioness:

With a little creativity, you can easily craft a lioness costume that reflects your style and skill level. Remember, the most important part is to have fun and embrace your inner lioness!


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