Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide

Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide插图

The Corpse Bride is a popular character from Tim Burton’s animated film of the same name. With her hauntingly beautiful appearance, the Corpse Bride has become a popular choice for Halloween costumes and costume parties.

Step 1: Prepare Your Face
Before applying any makeup, it’s important to prepare your face. Start by cleansing your skin thoroughly and then apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. This will create a smooth canvas for the makeup application.

Step 2: Apply Foundation
To achieve the pale and lifeless look of the Corpse Bride costume, choose a foundation shade that is several shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply the foundation evenly all over your face using a brush or sponge. Make sure to blend it well into your neck to avoid any noticeable lines.

Step 3: Set with Translucent Powder
To set the foundation and prevent it from smudging or creasing, dust your face with a translucent powder. This will also help to mattify your skin and create a smooth finish.

Step 4: Contouring
To give your face a sunken and gaunt appearance, contour your cheekbones, temples, and jawline using a cool-toned contour powder or a grey eyeshadow. Apply the contour shade in the hollows of your cheeks and blend it upwards towards your temples. Then, apply it along your jawline to create a sharper and more defined look.

Step 5: Define Your Brows
The Corpse Bride has thin and arched eyebrows, so use a grey or black eyebrow pencil to draw on thin, arched brows. Start with light strokes and gradually build up the intensity until you achieve the desired shape and thickness. Remember to blend the pencil strokes with a spoolie brush for a more natural look.

Step 6: Create Hollow Eye Sockets
To create the sunken and hollow eye sockets of the Corpse Bride, use a cool-toned eyeshadow shade or a grey face paint. Apply it to your eyelids and blend it upwards towards your eyebrows. Extend the eyeshadow or face paint slightly beyond the outer corners of your eyes to create a more dramatic effect.

Step 7: Smoky Eye Look
For the Corpse Bride’s signature smoky eye look, use a deep blue or purple eyeshadow. Apply it to your eyelids and blend it towards the crease. Then, take a black eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corners of your eyes and along your lower lash line to create depth. Blend the colors well for a seamless transition.

Step 8: Winged Eyeliner
To accentuate your eyes further, create a winged eyeliner look using a black liquid or gel liner. Start by drawing a thin line along your upper lash line and gradually thicken it towards the outer corner of your eyes. Then, create a wing by extending the liner upwards and outwards. Repeat the same process on your lower lash line for a more intense look.

Step 9: Apply False Lashes
To achieve the doll-like appearance of the Corpse Bride, apply a pair of false lashes to your upper lash line. Choose lashes that are longer and fuller towards the outer corners to enhance the winged effect. Trim the lashes to fit your eye shape if necessary and apply them using lash glue. Let the glue dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 10: Contour the Nose
To make your nose appear thinner and more pronounced, contour it using a cool-toned contour powder or a grey eyeshadow. Apply the contour shade along the sides of your nose and blend it well for a seamless finish. This will create the illusion of a more skeletal nose.

Step 11: Create Cracks and Stitches
To mimic the cracked and stitched appearance of the Corpse Bride, use a black eyeliner pencil or a black face paint. Draw irregular cracks across your face, focusing on the hollow areas such as the eye sockets and cheekbones. You can also draw stitches around the mouth and forehead to add more detail. Remember to blend the lines to create a more realistic effect.

Step 12: Add Blue Tones
To give your face a blueish tint, use a blue eyeshadow or a blue face paint. Apply it to the hollow areas of your face, such as the eye sockets, temples, and jawline. Blend the blue color well with the rest of your makeup to create a subtle yet haunting effect.

Step 13: Apply Blush
To add a touch of color to your cheeks, use a cool-toned blush shade such as a light pink or mauve. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend it towards your temples. This will create a slightly more lifelike appearance while still maintaining the overall undead look.

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